A Dentist’s Take on Teeth Whitening Products

Teeth WhiteningAs a local dentist, we get a lot of questions about teeth whitening products and what we think about them. This is understandable considering that television and magazines are full of ads for whitening products. Everyone wants a gorgeous smile these days and when you do it is tempting to head to the drug store and buy the latest and greatest product. As a dentist, we do, however, have some warnings that you need to keep in mind.

One in twenty-five report discomfort…
People, that use store-bought whitening solutions, have a greater likelihood of experiencing discomfort, something that we prevent in our dentist office. There are several factors that contribute to the irritation or feeling of discomfort. The primary one is overuse. Store-bought whitening solutions are not as effective as something done in the dentist office. When people get disappointed with the results, the temptation is to keep repeating the treatment. This can create tooth and gum sensitivity. Instead, we recommend seeing a dentist for a more powerful whitening solution that you don’t have to overuse. Another reason for discomfort is using whitening trays. When you buy trays from the store, they are unlikely to fit you. Since they are designed to fit everyone – they typically fit no one perfectly. This means that the whitening solution can leak out and get onto your gums where it can create further irritation. This risk is reduced if not eliminated, by having the trays professionally created by a dentist.

Product types
There are three main product types when you are visiting the store. Whitening toothpaste is by far the easiest to use simply because all, you have to do, is switch it out for your current toothpaste. As long as you brush your teeth correctly, there are no risks associated with using it. You will not see dramatic results, nor will it lift dark stains, but if you want to keep your teeth bright or make them look less yellow – this will help.

You can also try whitening strips. These look like tape and are secured to your teeth after brushing them. They have teeth whitening solution on them so keep the strips off of your gums. Also, make sure that you use them when you are doing a quiet activity that doesn’t require you to speak very much since they can easily slip out of place.

Whitening trays are the other main option offered in the store and at our dentist office. This will work better than the strips because a larger quantity of solution is placed around the teeth and secured into place. In theory, this works very well as long as you don’t have leakage, something we can prevent in our dentist office.

As a local dentist, we understand the value of having beautifully white teeth. It can improve your confidence levels and make you want to smile boldly. We want you to have a white smile, but we want you to be safe while getting it. This is why we suggest that you visit our office for a professional teeth whitening procedure that will have the maximum result while keeping you comfortable.

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