Can Tooth Proportions Be Improved With a Smile Makeover?

Can Tooth Proportions Be Improved With a Smile Makeover? from Smiles Dental Spa in Tracy, CAA smile makeover aims to enhance the overall look of the smile by addressing perceived flaws such as crooked or discolored teeth and teeth that are excessively long or short. To change the proportions of your teeth, the dentist may recommend various procedures, either alone or as part of a complete treatment plan.

Treatments for changing tooth proportions

A smile makeover can improve tooth proportions, ultimately transforming a distorted, deformed, or crooked tooth to make it more aesthetically appealing. Different treatments are recommended by dentists depending on the intended goal and the amount of modification required to get desired results.

Tooth reshaping

Also known as dental contouring, small portions of tooth enamel are removed during tooth reshaping to modify the form, length, or surface of one or more teeth. Since tooth enamel lacks nerve endings, reshaping should be painless. The treatment may be done in 30 minutes or less, depending on how many teeth need to be shaped and the permanent results.

This technique does not drastically alter the appearance of teeth and is typically performed when only minor changes are needed. Tooth reshaping is frequently done along with whitening, veneers, or bonding as part of a full smile makeover.

Dental bonding

Patients who want to change the shape and size of their teeth can consider dental bonding. The surface of the tooth will be slightly roughened in preparation for the bonding substance. The dentist will apply tooth-colored resin over the tooth and shape and cure it using a specific light, which binds the substance to the tooth. This extra substance might make the teeth look longer or bigger.

The dentist will match the color of the resin to the natural tooth color such that it is aesthetically attractive and fits in with the smile. If no anesthetic is required, tooth bonding can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, and patients can usually continue their normal activities afterward.

Dental veneers

Veneers are thin porcelain or resin shells that are custom-made, tooth-colored, and placed on the fronts of teeth to modify their size, shape, color, or length. These changes are permanent and cannot be taken off after they have been installed. They may drastically alter the look of a smile and are often advised when a patient wishes to modify the color or proportion of their teeth.

Getting traditional veneers is a more intrusive process that generally necessitates the use of local anesthetic. The dentist will roughen the teeth’s surfaces and may possibly remove some enamel during this process. The results are irreversible, so patients who choose veneers will need them for the rest of their lives. After the operation, over-the-counter pain medication may be required to relieve any transient discomfort.

Dental crowns

Dental crowns are tooth-shaped coverings that completely encase the tooth's visible part. Metal, porcelain bonded to metal, resin, or ceramic crowns can endure anywhere from five to fifteen years. Crowns may be created to fit the shape of a tooth and give it the desired appearance.

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In conclusion

Patients can choose from a variety of smile makeover alternatives when they want to change the proportion of their teeth. Dentists can make minor changes or totally alter the appearance of your smile using one or more of these procedures.

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