Dentist Tracy Families , Halloween Candy

Dentist TracyWhen Halloween is over we are the dentist Tracy families see to make sure that their kids’ teeth get cleaned. Let’s face it, Halloween is the sugar holiday and sugar simply isn’t good for your teeth. The more sugar that your kids eat, the greater chance they have of developing a cavity. By professionally cleaning their teeth, we can help to prevent this.

There are also certain things that you can do both on Halloween and throughout the holiday season in order to make sure that your kids don’t overindulge on the sugar.

Drink lots of water. Staying hydrated is important for their health and by drinking a lot of water they will feel full throughout the day and be less tempted to grab a sugary treat. Water will also help to wash away any sugar that is on their teeth. As a dentist Tracy families depend on, we find this to be a simple and easy to use tip.
Eat balanced meals. Feed them meals that contain complex carbs, lean protein and veggies. Balanced meals will give them sustained energy throughout the day so that they don’t crash and feel like they have to grab a sugary snack in order to get their energy back up.
Eat before you go. Timing is everything. Don’t go trick or treating or to a holiday party on an empty stomach. Instead, make sure that your entire family eats a healthy meal before heading out the door. This will ensure that the kids and you eat in moderation even though a dessert table may be in front of you.
Challenge yourself. Make a game of eating healthy by challenging the kids to stay away from sugar. You could have a reward system and give everyone a sticker if they go a day without candy or dessert. When enough stickers have built up, exchange them for a pre-determined prize. That way you can remind your kids of what they are working towards. This will also teach them that rewards don’t have to be tied to food.
Avoidance. If it is simply too difficult to stay away from the candy bowl, don’t do things where your kids will be tempted. For example, eat at restaurants that don’t flaunt their dessert menu and tell the waitress that you don’t want to see it ahead of time. Skip parties that you know are centered around sweets and opt to do a different activity instead. Remember that just because you were invited to do something, doesn’t mean you have to do it. Your kids will have just as much fun doing a healthy activity with you instead.

As a dentist Tracy families count on, we are always looking for ways to keep our patients healthy. Regardless of how old you are, we can help your smile to stay in perfect condition. If you or your kids develop any cavities, we can treat them so that you can start to feel better quickly.

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