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This Halloween, visit the dentist Tracy families trust to take care of their oral health. We treat patients of all ages and work to keep both you and your kids in excellent oral health. We recommend that you schedule a teeth cleaning for you and your kids right after Halloween. This way we can remove bacteria and plaque along with treating any cavities before the holidays come around.

As Halloween approaches, it is important to remember that no amount of sugar is good for your teeth. If sugar is left on your teeth, or your children’s, it will increase the risk of cavities because sugar can create an acid that starts to attack your teeth. It is important to avoid sugar or at least limit how much of it your family gets. We have several suggestions for things you can do to stay healthy this Halloween and into the New Year.

Start by brushing your teeth. It is important that you and your kids brush teeth at least twice a day. You need to floss daily, as well. You can make it more fun for your kids by purchasing a special Halloween toothbrush and cinnamon toothpaste for a spooky effect. Making it a game, can get your kids excited about brushing and help them to want to do it more often.
Drink smoothies. It is important to have a healthy diet, and as the dentist Tracy families count on, we recommend making your kids a daily smoothie that is full of super foods like kale along with yogurt and fruit. This will give them the nourishment they need in a way that tastes great and is fun. If you make it with kale, you can tell your kids that it is a spooky slime drink for Halloween. They will love the novelty of it, and once they realize how great it tastes, you can give it to them on a daily basis.
Skip the sugar. The easiest way to avoid cavities this Halloween is to skip the sugar. You can do this by forgoing trick-or-treating in exchange for something else that is equally as fun. Think of your kid’s favorite activity. Whether it is going roller-skating, bowling, watching a football game, going to a movie, etc. – they can do this activity while wearing a costume and have fun along the way. By dressing up, you can turn an ordinary event into something festive and sugar-free. Another option is to throw a party instead of going out. You can control the food that your kids eat and have a great time in costume, playing games, and dancing the night away.
Trade in the candy bag. You can have your kids trade in their candy for a special toy instead. This is more fun that eating candy and healthier too! Your kids will be excited, and you won’t feel bad about taking their candy away.

As a dentist Tracy families depend on, we welcome your questions so give us a call for more tips on how to keep your teeth healthy this Halloween.

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