Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth: How to Extend the Life of Your Partial Denture

Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth: How to Extend the Life of Your Partial Denture from Smiles Dental Spa in Tracy, CAFor patients who want to replace a damaged or lost tooth without undergoing invasive dental work, a partial denture for one missing tooth can be an excellent alternative. This dental appliance helps restore the look and function of the natural tooth and is completely removable for cleaning and maintenance. In fact, it is important to take steps to properly care for a partial denture. Doing so can help it last for as long as 15 years before a replacement is needed.

Tips for extending the life of a partial denture

Most dental patients do not need to go above and beyond to help dentures last for a long time. Following the professional recommendations for care and maintenance helps keep the appliance in top shape, allowing it to last much longer overall.

Protect the appliance from accidental damage

Even though a partial denture for one missing tooth is made from highly durable materials, a fall from any significant height onto a hard surface can damage it. Before removing a partial denture, place a soft towel on the counter or sink edge to help cushion the fall in case you drop it. It can be helpful to have a plush mat, rug, or towel on the floor as well.

Clean a partial denture carefully

The buildup of food particles and bacteria can wear down the components of a partial denture. It can also lead to unsightly stains and unpleasant smells and tastes. To prevent this, brush dentures carefully with a soft-bristled toothbrush or denture brush every night before bed. Do not use toothpaste since this can scratch and damage the surfaces. Water alone should be used for denture brushing.

Soak it properly each night

It is important for patients to remove a partial denture every night before bed to help reduce the risk of developing sore spots in the mouth. When a denture is not being worn, it should be soaking in a denture solution. This helps keep dentures fresh and clean while preventing the components of the appliance from drying out and becoming brittle, making them more prone to damage.

See a dentist for checkups, adjustments, and repairs

Patients should keep up with regular dental appointments so a professional can inspect the denture for signs of damage or wear and tear. Simple repairs and adjustments can improve the fit while lowering the risks for irreversible damage down the road.

Eat a denture-friendly diet

In general, most foods are safe to eat with a partial denture. However, limiting certain options can help reduce any unnecessary strain on the device. Denture wearers should avoid foods that are:

  • Very hard and crunchy
  • Tough and chewy
  • Sticky
  • Extremely hot or cold

A diet rich in nutritious options that are easy to chew is a better approach.

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Patients who wear any type of denture should take extra care to protect this appliance. With proper home care, prompt repairs, and routine maintenance, a partial denture for one missing tooth can last for over a decade.

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