Learn How the Right Pair of Dentures Can Help You

Dentures Dentureshave been gradually evolving over time. While it is true that these are among the very first types of dental prosthetics that were ever created, we have come a long way since the first dentures were fitted. In those days, dentures were made of animal or human teeth and did not last very long. Today we have a variety of different styles of dentures to fit even the pickiest of patients. Our procedures are designed to fit your new teeth in a way that is extremely comfortable and leaves you feeling like you never lost your natural teeth in the first place. Additionally we have, at our disposal, a variety of different alternatives for tooth replacement, of which dentures is only one. For example, if you want a more permanent solution that does not require you to think about your teeth, you should consider dental implants. It is important to evaluate your goals and budget when making this decision, as dentures have been around for a very long time and are among the most cost-effective solutions.

It is important to work with an expert dentist when getting dentures because when they don’t fit correctly, they can cause some discomfort and take a while to get used to. Most dentures are built on an acrylic base. This plastic substance can cause a level of irritation while a patient is getting used to them, or even worse when they are not fitted properly. In fact, improperly fitting dentures that cause irritation is the leading cause why people do not wear them or have to come back to their dentist for a refitting. Discomfort, difficulty putting them in, and rubbing of the dentures on the soft gum tissue are all easily avoided by taking the time to ensure that the dentures are the right fit in the first place. When you leave our clinic you will leave with a perfectly fitting device that should cause you little to no irritation.

There are certainly some very distinct advantages to using dentures. Their effect on speaking, cannot be overstated since we use our mouth to enunciate words. Additionally, wearing dentures can prevent your face from changing shape or having a saggy appearance, as is common in people that have suffered severe tooth loss.

Today, modern science has caught up with dentures and our dentists can give you dentures that are almost as good as your original teeth. The dentures fit in your mouth perfectly, and there are only a few restrictions on what you are able to eat. With these devices being custom made to fit in your mouth, and with the teeth themselves being made to look exactly like your naturally occurring teeth, few people will even realize that you have dentures. This allows us to restore your teeth and your smile in a way that is comfortable, durable and provides you with the ability to eat and speak clearly. If you are currently wearing an ill-fitting pair of dentures or are in need of a new set, give us a call.

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