How a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth Can Improve Your Smile

How a Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth Can Improve Your Smile from Smiles Dental Spa in Tracy, CAIf you are like many people, your smile is one of your most treasured assets. That is why a partial denture for one missing tooth can be a solid solution for this particular dental concern. A missing tooth can happen for many reasons and is likely to affect you at some point in your life. In addition to causing chewing problems and speaking issues, it can also impact your smile in a variety of ways.

If the missing tooth is near the front of your mouth, a gap could be visible every time you open your mouth. This could make you less likely to smile out of concern for how you look. Without corrective action, a missing tooth can also allow the remaining teeth to shift, resulting in crooked teeth in parts of your mouth.

A partial denture can quickly correct these concerns. It will also improve the functionality of your mouth.

The process of replacing a lost tooth

While several options exist for replacing an absent tooth, a partial denture for one missing tooth is a cost-effective and relatively fast remedy. It begins with a visit to the dentist's office. From there, the process typically goes as follows:

  1. The dentist takes an impression of the affected area
  2. You receive a temporary replacement tooth for a week or two
  3. You go to a second visit where the dentist puts in the permanent denture
  4. You adjust to the use of the partial denture
  5. You consult the dentist for alterations if necessary

Your dentist will make sure to match the color of the surrounding teeth and to optimize the comfort of your bite. You will need to learn how to insert and remove the partial denture. Special care should be given to the prosthesis to prevent breakage and damage. The dentist will go over how to clean the denture and other recommended practices for care and use.

With partial dentures, you will likely have a choice of options to select from. Again, your dentist can go over the pros and cons of each method for replacing a lost tooth.

The many benefits of a partial denture

Over time, you will feel more and more comfortable with a partial denture for one missing tooth. Most people wear the piece during the day and take it out at night. At meals, you will get used to chewing with the replacement tooth, and you will still be able to eat most of your favorite foods. It is recommended that you stay away from super-sticky foods such as caramels and chewing gum.

While this procedure is not entirely for cosmetic purposes, it will improve your smile. Most people will be unaware that you are wearing a partial denture. Because the denture is a precise replacement of a missing tooth, it will also keep your normal speech patterns intact. All of this can give you a boost of confidence when you are out in public.

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A partial denture is a good way to restore the beauty of your smile. Your dentist can complete the procedure in just a few visits.

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