Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth: What Type of Materials Are Used?

Partial Denture for One Missing Tooth: What Type of Materials Are Used? from Smiles Dental Spa in Tracy, CAPatients in need of a partial denture for one missing tooth have many options to choose from in terms of materials. There are three primary materials used to fabricate partial dentures, and patients need to choose the right one based on their own needs and dentist recommendations.

Choosing a material

When determining what type of denture material to choose, your dentist takes the following factors into consideration:

  • Support of remaining teeth
  • Your budget
  • Teeth structure and oral health
  • Allergic reactions and sensitivities
  • Stability, feel, and grip
  • Appearance

Once the factors above are considered, you and your dentist can make an informed decision together.

Types of denture materials

Each partial denture material is different, so it can be helpful to learn what type of options you have beforehand.


Also known as a dental flipper, acrylic partial dentures are manufactured from acrylic and supported by metal clasps. The acrylic used is typically impact-resistant, and they are often used as interim restorations while patients wait for an appliance crafted from more permanent materials, such as cast metal.

Acrylic dentures are known for being cost-effective, and they allow for easier repairs and relines. They can be fabricated more quickly than other options, making them the ideal solution for patients needing a temporary partial.

Cast metal

Another common partial denture material is cast metal. Cast metal partial can serve as a high-quality replacement for a natural tooth seated on a rigid frame. They are manufactured using ultra-light and thin cobalt-chromium alloy, which provides a considerable amount of stability and strength. With proper care, they are an excellent permanent solution for patients in need of a partial denture for one missing tooth.

Cast metal partial dentures typically cause minimal discomfort and irritation due to the lightweight material used to manufacture them. Patients may notice their overall dental health improving since the rigid frame covers less soft tissue, allowing for better sensation and taste. The dentures are also accurately contoured to the mouth, meaning patients benefit from increased comfort and an overall accurate fit. Cast metal appliances also have clasps or rest seats to keep them in place, offering a more supportive fit.

Flexible plastic

Flexible partial dentures, which are crafted from a heat-sensitive type of plastic, are also available to patients missing one or more teeth. Since they are manufactured from hypoallergenic plastic, they are ideal for patients who may be allergic to acrylic or cast metal and are an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable denture option. Although plastic, they can last for years with proper cleaning and care.

Unlike metal models, which often require a longer fabrication time, flexible dentures are a faster option for those seeking a partial denture for one missing tooth. The material used to make them is clear, so the gums remain visible. These flexible appliances offer improved comfort since they attach to the gums without the use of metal clasps or dental adhesive. They are also stain and odor-resistant.

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The material used to fabricate your dentures is important. Be sure to understand all your options before making a final decision.

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