What do you know about root canal therapy?

If you experience a toothache, then definitely something is wrong. If the cavity enters deep inside the dental pulp, you need to visit a root canal specialist. A root canal should be done to save the abscess teeth from getting extracted. Let’s know more about root canal treatment through this blog.

Symptoms you need a Root Canal Therapy:

You may require root canal therapy if the following is noticed:

● Excess toothache

● Tooth sensitivity to cold or heat if prolonged

● Darkening of tooth

● Swelling of tender gums

● Dental abscess

What to expect during a root canal?

Dental x-ray

At first, the root canal specialist will take x-rays of your teeth to determine how deep your cavity has reached and whether the infection has also spread in the surrounding bones. Through x-rays, the actual situation of your root canal will be revealed.

Teeth will be prepared for the treatment

If a root canal is decided to be given to you, then a local anaesthetic will be given to you so that you won’t feel any discomfort during the procedure. A rubber sheet will be placed around the teeth to keep the area around the infected teeth dry and clean while the treatment is going on.

Removal of infected dental pulp and restoration of teeth with filling and crown

The infected dental pulp will be removed by making a small hole on the teeth to get access and infected pulp is removed with the help of small files. The area is cleaned well and will be filled. The teeth often become weak after the procedure, so a dental crown will be placed to protect the teeth.If you are looking for a root canal endodontist, visit us at Smiles Dental Spa and get best root canal therapy. Save your teeth from getting extracted through the root canal and lead a healthy life.

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