Why are dental fillings necessary?

Dental fillings have been used on patients for around centuries. This dental aid has saved innumerable teeth. Most of us think that the only motive behind getting a dental filling is to fill the space after a cavity is eliminated. Filling cavities is unquestionably the primary reason for dental fillings, but there are some more reasons that make it popular.

Reasons why dental cavities are necessary:

Dental fillings for cavities of all shapes and sizes

If your teeth are decayed that leads to the cavity, your dentist will remove the cavity from the affected area and apply a filling to space. This filling can last from years to a couple of decades.

Dental fillings for small holes

There are cases when patients have small holes in their teeth which can be corrected with dental fillings. It’s not necessary that these holes may be cavities. These holes might not even create any discomfort feeling for you, but filling them is essential. These holes can attract food particles which will finally turn into decay. There is also a possibility of their further expansion if not filled.

Dental fillings for discoloration

There are some cases where the dentist applies dental fillings to teeth that have become discolored due to high exposure to colored food and drinks. Teeth grinding, as well as usage of teeth to open things, can also cause tooth discoloration.

The gradual loss of tooth structure

A damaged tooth also causes a loss of the tooth structure. If tooth structure gets lost more than enough, it’s vital to apply a dental filling to offer support and uniformity in visual appearance.

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