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Dental crowns are used to restore the shape, size, and strength of the tooth. It completely covers the visible part of your tooth or implant. If the major part of the tooth is missing, then the crown is the ideal solution for you. By placing the crown, a tooth can function normally again. If it’s bonded for the permanent, it can be removed only by a dentist or specialist. Through regular care and quality oral hygiene, a crown can last from five to fifteen years. Our experienced dentists in Smiles Dental Spa offering the best dental crown treatment services in Tracy.

When will your dentist prescribe a dental crown?

A dental crown may be required in the following situations:

  • To safeguard and restore a weak, worn-out, decayed, cracked teeth from breaking.
  • For covering and supporting a tooth after a large filling when not much tooth is left or after a root canal therapy.
  • For holding a dental bridge or other prosthetic devices in its place
  • For covering a dental implant
  • For making a cosmetic reconstruction.
  • For covering teeth that are misshapen or discoloured severely.

In the case of children, a dental crown can be used on baby teeth for:

  • Saving a tooth that has been damaged severely and cannot be supported by filling,
  • Protecting the teeth of a child who has high risks of getting tooth decay, and more in such a situation when a child finds it difficult to keep proper oral hygiene.

Types of Crown

Your dentist is going to suggest the most appropriate type of crown for your dental restorations requirements depending on the chewing placement and the tooth structure or implant then needs protection.


Porcelain is attractive, durable, sturdy, and highly resistant to wear. Porcelain delivers a high level of compatibility, the reason being it doesn’t contain metal. They help in providing the perfect natural colour match to the remaining teeth and is an amazing option for front teeth. The creative quality of the porcelain crown needs the dentist to be highly experienced in this field.


Through metal durability and strength is offered. Metal crowns may be suggested for back teeth where biting and chewing forces are utmost. Metal crowns rarely chip or disintegrates. Along with this, minimal removal of tooth structure is required.

High noble metals like gold deliver great biocompatibility. The least expensive treatment alternative is a base metal crown, but it’s not that biocompatible as well as can cause allergies and reactions.


Porcelain fused to metal provides advantages of a natural surface colour that matches your remaining teeth and the offers the solidity of metal material. To select this kind of crown offers you a lot of benefits, but it requires to remove more tooth structure than the other kinds of the crown. This implies that the patient can be discomforted more in this kind of treatment.

Dental Crown Treatment Procedure

You dentist will conduct a complete exam of your teeth, gums and bone structure. He or she will converse with you regarding the treatment options and answer your queries. If a dental crown is required, your dentist will give you a local anaesthetic and prepare you for further treatment.

Getting a crown requires two visits to the dentist. The first one is to examine and prepare the tooth; the next one needs placement of the permanent crown. In the first visit, x-rays will be taken for examining the tooth that would receive the crown and the nearby bones. If the dentist finds out that there is any injury or decay or infection, first that will be cleared. Preceding the treatment of getting crown, you will be given a local anaesthetic that numbs the area. Your dentist will make a permanent crown for covering and protecting the prepared tooth while the permanent crown is being prepared in the lab.

During the second visit, your temporary crown is removed and the permanent crown is placed.If you require dental crowns or replacement, We at Smiles Dental Spa have a variety of options for the treatment as well as a proficient team who will offer you amazing services. Contact us today and book your appointment for the treatment. We are waiting to invent your smiles

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