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Kids are not the same as adults. They react differently in different situations. They won’t be cooperative and always chilled during dental treatment; in such a scenario what should be done. A pediatric dentist knows how to treat children and make them feel comfortable during dental exams. Additionally, a pediatric dentist’s office is equipped with specialized equipment that is designed and decorated, keeping a child in mind.

At Smile Dental Spa, we offer a different range of treatment alternatives along with expertise and training to take proper care of your kid’s oral health. If your paediatrician recommends your child a pediatric dentist, be sure that your child will get the best services.

What a Pediatric Dentist will do?

The pediatric dentist focuses on the dental health of children from their infant stage to teens. They are experienced and qualified to care for your kid’s teeth, gums, bones and mouth throughout his different stages of childhood.

Children start getting their primary teeth during the first six months of their life. Reaching the age of six to seven, they start losing their first set of teeth which later gets replaced by permanent teeth. If proper dental care is not maintained, children can encounter issues like decay and diseases that can lead to lifelong complications and pain. Therefore, your child needs to see a Pediatric Dental Care at an early age for a healthy lifestyle.

At Smiles Dental Spa, we specialize in pediatric dentistry in Trace for children from their infant stage to their adolescence. Our dental team has specialized training for taking care of your baby’s teeth and their oral health requirements. Our pediatric dentists have finished an additional 2 or 3 years of specialty training. They know the value of baby teeth in their growing time.

Given below are the services we offer for children:


Regular oral cleaning is essential to maintain proper oral health. Your child must brush their teeth twice a day regularly, but there are still chances that some bits of food and bacteria get trapped between their teeth and gums. Through oral cleanings, the pediatric dentist removes those trapped germs that can cause cavities.


Through digital X-rays, dentists can offer a quick turnaround to view images of your child’s teeth that helps in analysing the potential issues, diagnose them and also exposes your child to minimum digital rays. When compared to traditional x-rays, digital X-rays are more detailed and accurate. This helps your child’s visit to remain short with the dentist.


A substance that is mostly found in drinking water and some food is Fluoride. It helps in protecting your child’s teeth from bacteria and germs that could lead to decay and diseases. In a fluoride treatment, the dentist applies a thin layer of concentrated fluoride on your child’s teeth for defending against bacteria.


This is another measure of prevention to fight against tooth decay. If the surface of your child’s teeth, where the food smashes is filled with small grooves that catch food particles easily and becomes difficult to clean, then by bonding a thin piece of plastic on the surface of the teeth to seal the cracks can help in protecting them from dangerous bacteria.


If your kid is facing sensitivity issues too hot and cold things, then there might be a possibility that your child has a dental cavity. These cavities occur when bacteria eat away your child’s tooth exposing the sensitive areas of their tooth. To remove this damage, your dentist will recommend fillings for the cavity. Pay a visit to one of our dentists and get your child treated.

Children’s Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are required either to restore broken or chipped tooth or to protect the teeth from any further damage. Crowns are caps designed in the shape of your tooth.

To get your child treated with our best kids’ dentist in Tracy, contact us or make a call to schedule your appointment with us.

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